We all need a snow shovel during the winter to help us get out of those tricky situations so BUY YOURS TODAY!!

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  • SNOW SHOVEL by Alpina. FITS IN YOUR CAR BOOT!!! Features a D handle and strong BLACK moulded blade. Perfect for those snowy conditions, BUY 2 FOR £30!! Small Wooden Pole - 24 inch Large Wooden Pole - 59.5 inch

  • NEW FROM CANADA! EMERGENCY CAR SNOW SHOVEL. Have a look at the photo!    A radical design, which can be also used as a ROAD CONE and a Scraper as well as a snow shovel. Every winter driver and adventurer needs one!

  • The Arctic Force Snowball Blaster target game   Snowball Blaster with Removable 3 snowball maker and Vinyl Target! Makes the perfect Snowball and Blasts it up to 80 feet! GREAT FUN FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS ALIKE!!   Buy Now and get ready for the snow fights!

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items