This is Tiger


Tiger is not for sale but we thought you would like to see her.

This web site is dedicated to Tiger who patrolled for over 19 years.   Tiger passed away after a long and happy life in November 2008 after spending all those years assisting in wrapping and packing sledges to get those sledges to the happy children on time.     Tiger is now in heaven and says meeeeeoowww and, "Happy sledging to all children".


A new cat "Brandy" joined our team on 16th December 2008 and has undergone full training in the sledge business.  Brandy came to us from the SSPCA rescue centre in Inverness and is fully trained in wrapping and packing, helping to get those sledges to you on time.

Brandy undergoing full training in the sledge business

Brandy has learned all about web site design and is now our chief web site designer.

Brandy watching orders coming in

Brandy watching for orders coming in......its all action!

Brandy trudging home

Brandy trudging home through the snow after a hard day wrapping and packing sledges in the warehouse.

Brandy says happy sledging to all children in 2011